En la cima de Cuncani: el hogar de Saturnina

Por Carlos Kamisaki (Nexos Comunitarios & UDEP) Trabajar en Cuncani es la parte que más disfruto cuando viajo a Urubamba. Debe ser que  hay mucho por hacer y mi tiempo en el lugar queda corto. La organización de la que soy parte, Nexos Comunitarios, me permite conocer sobre la vida en las comunidades, o Microcosmos Andinos como nos gusta llamarlas. Puedo decir con mucho orgullo, que dentro de ellas, he logrado conocer a familias muy amables. Hace un par de meses, enSigue leyendo «En la cima de Cuncani: el hogar de Saturnina»

Who knew that saying so little… could say so much (Urubamba 2015)

By Bailey LeBlanc (Western University) As I reflect back on my trip to Peru, I become overwhelmed with emotion. It has been the single greatest experience of my life so far. Prior to submitting my application to represent Western University abroad, I thought I had a good understanding of what to expect on a tripSigue leyendo «Who knew that saying so little… could say so much (Urubamba 2015)»

Humility, research and challenges: My first experience in the Andes of Peru

Our “Peruvian experience,” so to speak, provided us with ample skills in research, report-writing, designing surveys and questionnaires, and interviewing both professionals and community members, which will no doubt prove incredibly useful in the years to come. Even more importantly, however, might have been the skills nourished that are harder to explain on a resume. “This was truly an experience in humility, hard work, and community enterprise,” explained Amy Lentini, another of Carleton’s interns. “I will be forever grateful for what I’ve learned.” I’m with you on that one, Amy.

PhotoVoice: The power of non-verbal communication

By Carmen Leung (Western University) If I could describe my trip with one single word, it would be life-changing. This was my first trip to South America, and though I initially felt nervous, I was also very excited about what was ahead. From the moment we landed (at 3 a.m.!!!), all the way to theSigue leyendo «PhotoVoice: The power of non-verbal communication»

Taking pictures…understanding stories

By Sarah Nartiss (St. Francis Xavier University) My experience with Nexos Comunitarios in Peru has been life-changing. I have wanted to travel to Peru since as long as I can remember. The week has allowed me to deepen my interest in the culture and struggles that Peruvians faced during the internal conflict. During my weekSigue leyendo «Taking pictures…understanding stories»

The eNCounter Program: Considering Your Future Every Step of the Way

By Justin Wood. Entry level. They can be frustrating words for millennials these days. When I finished university – part of the class of 2013 – I stepped into a job market that was full of opportunity, but not the kind I was expecting. More applications than I care to remember listed prior experience, sometimesSigue leyendo «The eNCounter Program: Considering Your Future Every Step of the Way»