The ‘unattractive’ problem of malnutrition

Maricarmen Valdivieso (NC Founder) Malnutrition is an unattractive subject for everybody and more than that, its impact on everyone’s life determines everyone’s future. While we all know how important it is to be nourished, sometimes, due to the list of many important issues we need to take care of, we place the support to initiativesSigue leyendo «The ‘unattractive’ problem of malnutrition»

Isolation in Cuncani

By Daniel Baptiste (Nexos Comunitarios) What is isolation, and why does it so often have a negative connotation? Why in development circles is isolation so often synonymous with impoverishment. It is a question that I have found myself pondering in the past few days. This past Tuesday, myself, our director Maricarmen, and 7 interns fromSigue leyendo «Isolation in Cuncani»

Cuncani: beauty and courage rising from isolation

By Alice Ebeyer (NC Intern – McGill University) The sun is not up yet, but we are already outside and can feel the fresh air on our faces. Surrounded by tomatoes, pumpkins, eggs, onions, cauliflowers and more food items, we are at the Nexos Comunitarios house in Urubamba, ready to visit the village of Cuncani.Sigue leyendo «Cuncani: beauty and courage rising from isolation»