Getting professional and personal growth

The organization offers an amazing context to achieve efficient work, but also personal growth. The job itself allows us to further open our minds by seeing, discovering, learning so many new things.

Expanding Knowledge and Making Societal Impact with Nexos Comunitarios

If I could recommend anything to a university student looking to expand their cultural knowledge and make a significant societal impact, it would be working with Nexos Communitarios.

ASB is the perfect chance to get a life-changing experience

When I went to Peru, I thought that I would be making a big difference in the world. I do believe that I made a difference while I was there, however, what I wasn’t prepared for was that the people in Peru made an even bigger impact on my own life.

PAR with the families of Cuncani

By Alice Ebeyer (NC Intern – McGill University)
No matter the complications, we will always be here to work with the community of Cuncani, and together we will always try to address various problems and more specifically now, to solve the malnutrition issue, even if it takes years before it will be eradicated. This is our job: and it requires persistence and patience.

For the children, with the children and by the children

By Alice Ebeyer (NC Intern –  McGill University) Time flies in the High Andes… It has already been four weeks since I have arrived in the Sacred Valley, meaning that I have also had the occasion to visit Cuncani three times. So far, it has been a wonderful experience, where I could spend unique and intenseSigue leyendo «For the children, with the children and by the children»

El problema ‘poco atractivo’ de la desnutrición

Maricarmen Valdivieso (Fundadora de NC) Hablar de desnutrición es hablar de un tema nada atractivo para todos, sin embargo, no podemos negar que el impacto de éste en la vida de cada uno de nosotros, determina nuestro futuro. A pesar que todos sabemos acerca de la importancia de estar bien nutridos, a veces, y debido a laSigue leyendo «El problema ‘poco atractivo’ de la desnutrición»