[Work In Progress] Adjusting project design

Every failure is a stepping stone that leads to success. Although we are pleased with the progress of the project, not everything goes as planned. It is important for us to be flexible in designing the project from lessons we learn while doing the field work. Our photovoice project* with children in Cuncani is aSigue leyendo «[Work In Progress] Adjusting project design»

From Cuncani: Saturnina’s first post!

By Saturnina Sallo, Nexos Comunitarios Local Coordinator (*) I’m Saturnina Sallo Cruz. I live in the region of Cusco, in the province and district of Urubamba and in the community of Cuncani. I’m married and I have two daughters: my first daughter was born  on December 18th, 2003 and the second one on April 18th,Sigue leyendo «From Cuncani: Saturnina’s first post!»

Desde Cuncani: Primera publicación de Saturnina

Por Saturnina Sallo, Coordinadora Local de Nexos Comunitarios (*) Yo soy Saturnina Sallo Cruz, vivo en la región del Cusco provincia y distrito Urubamba, comunidad campesina de Cuncani. Estoy casada y son mamá de 2 niñas: mi primera hija nació el 18 de diciembre del 2003 y mi segunda hija el 18 de abril delSigue leyendo «Desde Cuncani: Primera publicación de Saturnina»

[Work in Progress] New Initiative! The Travelling Soap!

TBy Kenji Misawa (NC Project Coordinator) This Monday, I had a very interesting conversation with our former Norwegian intern, Madeline Moe about a simple but great initiative ‘travelling soap’, which she has come up with. It aims to connect children in Cuncani and children in Oslo (Norway) by a pure international exchanging of handmade soaps.Sigue leyendo «[Work in Progress] New Initiative! The Travelling Soap!»

Aprender a caminar (otra vez)

Dámaris Herrera Salazar (Estudiante de Facultad de Sociología, PUCP) Cuncani fue una experiencia retadora y transformadora en mi vida. Significó la oportunidad de vivir con las familias en las alturas de Cuncani, de compartir su día a día, conociendo de cerca sus costumbres, sus carencias y sus sueños. Soy Dámaris, estudiante de Sociología y voluntariaSigue leyendo «Aprender a caminar (otra vez)»

Spare change… It can change the world!

Kenji Misawa (NC Project Coordinator) If you were to ask to draw a mind mapping of how non-profit organizations work, what ideas would come up instantly? Perhaps, you would think about concepts such as humanitarian aid, grassroots, local community, interculturality. Probably, the word ‘money’ would not appear in your drawing. We often disconnect the ideaSigue leyendo «Spare change… It can change the world!»