From Cuncani: Saturnina’s first post!

By Saturnina Sallo, Nexos Comunitarios Local Coordinator (*)

I’m Saturnina Sallo Cruz. I live in the region of Cusco, in the province and district of Urubamba and in the community of Cuncani. I’m married and I have two daughters: my first daughter was born  on December 18th, 2003 and the second one on April 18th, 2017. The father of my daughters is Victoriano and he adores them. We work in ECOLOGICAL agriculture producing  NATIVE potatoes. We have more than 150 varieties in our chacra. We also process potatoes to make ‘chuño‘ and moraya. Moreover, in our chacra there are 50 varieties of  mashua something like sweet potato, oca or apiña. We also make textiles with pure wool of sheep and alpaca.

I, Saturnina, work with NEXOS COMUNITARIOS, coordinating and organizing all activities in my community. Each Monday, I go to Lares district to coordinate the work week with Mari. For me, this job is the most important of my life because is of great benefit to my community and the children that need help.

(*) Saturnina wrote her first post after a week of work in Lima with us. We are very happy to see our colleague from Cuncani, sharing her life, her community and her responsibilities with our organization.



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