[Testimonials] Connecting

Ronny Bao, Western University Tourism, similar to a coin, has two sides. One of its faces showcases beautifully alluring imagery of a foreign destination that attracts travellers from all over the globe whereas its second face hides a darker side of tourism that is rarely seen by tourists on vacation. While travelling can be enjoyable,Sigue leyendo «[Testimonials] Connecting»

[Testimonial] #BeTheChange

Mathias Nilges, St. Francis Xavier University Even after half a dozen very thorough showers, there is still Cuncani dirt in my callouses and underneath my fingernails. Cuncani refuses to let go. The same is true of my feelings and thoughts. Here, too, Cuncani, its people, its animals, and its landscape have left traces that, ISigue leyendo «[Testimonial] #BeTheChange»

[Ambassador] What is good?

Alice Ebeyer, McGill University Being a student, I have to go through a series of hopes, uncertainties and disappointments regarding the future of our planet (and mine). I am halfway through my international development studies as an undergraduate, and if I have solved some of the questions that the academy has posed to me, I confessSigue leyendo «[Ambassador] What is good?»

[Thinking aloud] The power of sports

94th minutes of the game, when the final whistle has been blown, whole country burst full of joys and tears. The 2-0 victory against the New Zealand has allowed Peru to secure the last ticket for the World Cup in Russia, making it for first time since 1982. Although ranked as 10th in the FIFASigue leyendo «[Thinking aloud] The power of sports»

It’s not where you go, It’s who you are with

Early on a Tuesday morning, 10 families gathered at the school yard in Cuncani, for the meeting of tourism project. In this meeting, NC explained the requirements and responsibilities of each family to promote the tourism circuit in the community. Although it can be long process until the community to receives many visitors, families areSigue leyendo «It’s not where you go, It’s who you are with»