Kick-Off: Promoting Education for Sustainable Development through soccer

As you know, back in 2013, we started our work in the community of Cuncani through our Lunch Program. Our ambitions and dreams remained the same but our plans needed some adjustment. All adjustments have followed our commitment to work side by side with the community, whilst respecting their culture.

Our presence in Cuncani started after their request of our help in 2012 – 2013, and we are convinced this is the reason why the results of the Lunch Program are conclusive: a good meal is one of the first needs a child has that has to be taken care of.  Although the community of Cuncani, specifically, the children of the community have many unfulfilled needs, their right to be fed, had to be regarded as a top priority.

A good nutrition has been proved to be linked to good outcomes in education.  Although that link is recognized, it remains the case that public policy initiatives seem to tackle this issue in a sporadic and disjointed manner. . The link between health and education is for all human beings, however, in spaces like Cuncani, the efforts to improve them need to be better supported. A holistic approach is more beneficial for the children, than various and wholly different top-down initiatives.

After the success of the Lunch Program, we started adding different educational components in our  work: ,  all of them based in the Active Learning methodology.

From 2017, we started our path for the implementation for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Cuncani. We have recently launched the second part of the project: Kick-Off! From now on, this will be the name of all of our efforts in ESD.

Stay tuned for all the updates and the new website we will be launching soon!













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