One beautiful world

The ongoing pandemic has made us realize the importance of global solidarity. However, understanding the world can be a complicated matter.

Let’s imagine the world is an enormous puzzle. In our information age, we tend to believe knowledge represents the pieces of the puzzle and by assembling every detail of knowledge out there – world history and global news- we will better understand the world. 
This artwork is intended to see the world in a different way. My intention is for you to imagine the world as a collection of our «individual world». 

We  often say, sarcastically, «you live in your own world» with a notion of ignorance of what is happening in our surroundings. But if you think about it, it is true, because we all have our own world, different from someone else’s world based on our values and experiences. 

In this digital art, I intend to represent the world of the children in Cuncani to remind ourselves that we all have our own unique world. My intention is for you to deconstruct your idea of what the world is by taking a step back and think of the world as 7.8 billion puzzle pieces belonging to every one of us.

One beautiful world is a collection of pieces I have made to support my organization. Despite the hardship, we believe that the people who suffer the most from this situation, are the poorest. By purchasing my art, you will be supporting our  work in Cuncani, a community that it is already suffering from the crisis: lack of food, zero income and more isolation.
If you are interested in purchasing a poster or postcards, send me an email to: 


We are using Photo Rag Ultrasmooth de Hahnemühle for all printing:

Postcard format 12×16 cm for USD12.00
Package of 4 postcards for USD45.00
Poster format 32×60 cm for USD130.00

*International shipping is included and pieces will be delivered as soon as the mail office is reopened.  



Publicado por kenjimisawa

With his father as a Japanese diplomat, Kenji Misawa has spent his early childhood in Germany, Indonesia, and his youth in Canada and Japan. Living in various countries and exposed to different cultures, he quickly developed an interest in international development study. With a strong dedication to pursue his career in the field of international relations, he received his degree in Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management, specializing in development studies at Carleton University in 2017 with high honors. Currently, he works as a coordinator for the Peruvian based Non-Profit Organization Nexos Comunitarios. He envisions himself to continually work as a cooperative field worker and pursue his career in international development.

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