[Testimonials] Connecting

Ronny Bao, Western University Tourism, similar to a coin, has two sides. One of its faces showcases beautifully alluring imagery of a foreign destination that attracts travellers from all over the globe whereas its second face hides a darker side of tourism that is rarely seen by tourists on vacation. While travelling can be enjoyable,Sigue leyendo «[Testimonials] Connecting»

[Testimonial] #BeTheChange

Mathias Nilges, St. Francis Xavier University Even after half a dozen very thorough showers, there is still Cuncani dirt in my callouses and underneath my fingernails. Cuncani refuses to let go. The same is true of my feelings and thoughts. Here, too, Cuncani, its people, its animals, and its landscape have left traces that, ISigue leyendo «[Testimonial] #BeTheChange»

[Ambassador] What is good?

Alice Ebeyer, McGill University Being a student, I have to go through a series of hopes, uncertainties and disappointments regarding the future of our planet (and mine). I am halfway through my international development studies as an undergraduate, and if I have solved some of the questions that the academy has posed to me, I confessSigue leyendo «[Ambassador] What is good?»

PAR with the families of Cuncani

By Alice Ebeyer (NC Intern – McGill University)
No matter the complications, we will always be here to work with the community of Cuncani, and together we will always try to address various problems and more specifically now, to solve the malnutrition issue, even if it takes years before it will be eradicated. This is our job: and it requires persistence and patience.

El problema ‘poco atractivo’ de la desnutrición

Maricarmen Valdivieso (Fundadora de NC) Hablar de desnutrición es hablar de un tema nada atractivo para todos, sin embargo, no podemos negar que el impacto de éste en la vida de cada uno de nosotros, determina nuestro futuro. A pesar que todos sabemos acerca de la importancia de estar bien nutridos, a veces, y debido a laSigue leyendo «El problema ‘poco atractivo’ de la desnutrición»

En la cima de Cuncani: el hogar de Saturnina

Por Carlos Kamisaki (Nexos Comunitarios & UDEP) Trabajar en Cuncani es la parte que más disfruto cuando viajo a Urubamba. Debe ser que  hay mucho por hacer y mi tiempo en el lugar queda corto. La organización de la que soy parte, Nexos Comunitarios, me permite conocer sobre la vida en las comunidades, o Microcosmos Andinos como nos gusta llamarlas. Puedo decir con mucho orgullo, que dentro de ellas, he logrado conocer a familias muy amables. Hace un par de meses, enSigue leyendo «En la cima de Cuncani: el hogar de Saturnina»

Who knew that saying so little… could say so much (Urubamba 2015)

By Bailey LeBlanc (Western University) As I reflect back on my trip to Peru, I become overwhelmed with emotion. It has been the single greatest experience of my life so far. Prior to submitting my application to represent Western University abroad, I thought I had a good understanding of what to expect on a tripSigue leyendo «Who knew that saying so little… could say so much (Urubamba 2015)»