¿Por qué caminamos desde Cuncani hasta Urubamba?

Visitar y caminar desde Cuncani nos brindará un mejor conocimiento sobre nuestro Perú, nuestro país de residencia.  No solo su diversidad natural, sino también su gente, sus tradiciones y costumbres. Además de ser una experiencia personal, ayudaría a poner en el map global una comunidad pequeña y podría construir puentes entre diversas culturas y personas,Sigue leyendo «¿Por qué caminamos desde Cuncani hasta Urubamba?»

Why hike From Cuncani to Urubamba?

Visiting and walking to Cuncani will give us a greater understanding about the country Peru which we call home. This will be not only in its natural diversity but also in its people with their varied traditions and lifestyles. Besides this personal experience, it will help to put a small community on the global mapSigue leyendo «Why hike From Cuncani to Urubamba?»

Fortaleciendo Lazos en Cuncani

Marjorie Díaz Redolfo, IDEHPUCP ¡Hola a todos y todas! Somos un grupo de 16 estudiantes de diversas especialidades de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) que busca llegar a Cuncani para poder trabajar con la comunidad un proyecto denominado Fortaleciendo Lazos en Cuncani, que contribuya a fortalecer su sentido de comunidad y las relaciones que existen entre sus miembros.Sigue leyendo «Fortaleciendo Lazos en Cuncani»

Strengthening ties within Cuncani

Marjorie Díaz Redolfo, IDEHPUCP Hi Everyone! We are a group of 17 young students from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) in Lima and are on different programs of study. We’re looking forward to arriving to Cuncani in Cusco in order to work with the community on a project named ‘Strengthening Ties within Cuncani’, that willSigue leyendo «Strengthening ties within Cuncani»

Untangling the web of malnutrition

Carly Hayes (University of Waterloo) Malnutrition is a problem that spans multiple sectors: social, biological, environmental, and economic, just to name a few. What we have learned from interviews with community members, photos taken by school-aged children, speaking with experts, spending time with our family partners and gathering data from ministries, is that all ofSigue leyendo «Untangling the web of malnutrition»

Malnutrition Facts

Kennedy Clark, Purdue University (NC Intern) To many people, malnutrition presents itself as an image of emaciated children with protruding bellies. However, malnutrition has many realities besides this one. It also includes the growing population of children suffering from obesity in western regions, and children in the Andes, who seem otherwise healthy, but are aSigue leyendo «Malnutrition Facts»

A meeting to remember

Daniel Baptiste (Nexos Comunitarios) As a student of International Development I have always taken what I now view to be a somewhat naïve view of grassroots development initiatives. I was under the impression that NGOs worked with their host communities in relative harmony. I thought that while finance could be a perennial difficulty for NGOs, the workSigue leyendo «A meeting to remember»