Esos pequeños momentos: Cuncani 2019 (Aprendizaje Comprometido con la Comunidad)

Por Colette Benko (Western University) Quisiera comenzar agradeciendo a la comunidad de Cuncani, por recibirnos con sus con corazones abiertos y tener mucha paciencia con nosotros y nosotras. También me gustaría agradecer a Nexos Comunitarios, su visión es inspiradora y nuestro viaje no habría sido el mismo sin el arduo trabajo de Maricarmen y Kenji.Sigue leyendo «Esos pequeños momentos: Cuncani 2019 (Aprendizaje Comprometido con la Comunidad)»

The Small Moments: Cuncani 2019 (Community Engaged Learning)

By Colette Benko (Western University) I would just like to start by thanking the community of Cuncani, they welcomed us with open hearts and much patience. I would also like to thank Nexos Comunitarios, their vision is inspiring, and our trip would not have been the same without Maricarmen and Kenji’s hard work. Leading upSigue leyendo «The Small Moments: Cuncani 2019 (Community Engaged Learning)»

[Work in Progress] New Initiative! The Travelling Soap!

TBy Kenji Misawa (NC Project Coordinator) This Monday, I had a very interesting conversation with our former Norwegian intern, Madeline Moe about a simple but great initiative ‘travelling soap’, which she has come up with. It aims to connect children in Cuncani and children in Oslo (Norway) by a pure international exchanging of handmade soaps.Sigue leyendo «[Work in Progress] New Initiative! The Travelling Soap!»

Applying the SDGs in a remote Andean community

Kenji Misawa, NC Project Coordinator During my undergraduate studies in international development, our classes often focused upon understanding the approaches used in the international community to confront the problem of on-going global poverty. In 2015, world leaders assembled at the United Nations and executed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG’s represent a global commitmentSigue leyendo «Applying the SDGs in a remote Andean community»

Why hike From Cuncani to Urubamba?

Visiting and walking to Cuncani will give us a greater understanding about the country Peru which we call home. This will be not only in its natural diversity but also in its people with their varied traditions and lifestyles. Besides this personal experience, it will help to put a small community on the global mapSigue leyendo «Why hike From Cuncani to Urubamba?»

Strengthening ties within Cuncani

Marjorie Díaz Redolfo, IDEHPUCP Hi Everyone! We are a group of 17 young students from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) in Lima and are on different programs of study. We’re looking forward to arriving to Cuncani in Cusco in order to work with the community on a project named ‘Strengthening Ties within Cuncani’, that willSigue leyendo «Strengthening ties within Cuncani»

Overcoming the First Challenges of the Greenhouses

By Madeline Greenwood (McGill University) I arrived in Cuncani for the first time just four weeks ago, and was immediately in awe of the scenery, and the way of life. Life isn’t easy in the high Andes, and I admire the way in which people go about their days, hiking for hours just to getSigue leyendo «Overcoming the First Challenges of the Greenhouses»