[Thinking Aloud] Changing habits

  “Did you read the book I gave you?” “Nah, reading is not my thing.” “Good, stay naive.” “…” Just a few days ago, our donor for the Sustainable Home Project, Jim Norgate (Dreams to Beams), visited Urubamba. While at dinner one night, we had a conversation of how keeping one’s own finances can beSigue leyendo «[Thinking Aloud] Changing habits»

[Work in Progress] First Official Group Trip to Cuncani!

If you google Cuncani-Peru, you will find out that the community is recognized as a good destination for camp and to do trails in the High-Andes in Cusco. Indeed, Cuncani is a beautiful destination for it. However, Cuncani does not receive the benefits they deserve. This is the reason that for a year, we haveSigue leyendo «[Work in Progress] First Official Group Trip to Cuncani!»

[Work in Progress] New Initiative! The Travelling Soap!

TBy Kenji Misawa (NC Project Coordinator) This Monday, I had a very interesting conversation with our former Norwegian intern, Madeline Moe about a simple but great initiative ‘travelling soap’, which she has come up with. It aims to connect children in Cuncani and children in Oslo (Norway) by a pure international exchanging of handmade soaps.Sigue leyendo «[Work in Progress] New Initiative! The Travelling Soap!»

Spare change… It can change the world!

Kenji Misawa (NC Project Coordinator) If you were to ask to draw a mind mapping of how non-profit organizations work, what ideas would come up instantly? Perhaps, you would think about concepts such as humanitarian aid, grassroots, local community, interculturality. Probably, the word ‘money’ would not appear in your drawing. We often disconnect the ideaSigue leyendo «Spare change… It can change the world!»

Applying the SDGs in a remote Andean community

Kenji Misawa, NC Project Coordinator During my undergraduate studies in international development, our classes often focused upon understanding the approaches used in the international community to confront the problem of on-going global poverty. In 2015, world leaders assembled at the United Nations and executed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG’s represent a global commitmentSigue leyendo «Applying the SDGs in a remote Andean community»