[Visitors] Community Life at 4000 Metres: a Sociologist’s Experience.

By Dave Holmes The village of Cuncani, which is four hours to the north-east of Cusco, was once the centre of the Incan Empire. We were here to support the NGO Nexos Comunitarios (NC) and understand how remote Cuncani is by hiking the paths linking it to larger towns. First impressions are of a rusticSigue leyendo «[Visitors] Community Life at 4000 Metres: a Sociologist’s Experience.»

Aprender a caminar (otra vez)

Dámaris Herrera Salazar (Estudiante de Facultad de Sociología, PUCP) Cuncani fue una experiencia retadora y transformadora en mi vida. Significó la oportunidad de vivir con las familias en las alturas de Cuncani, de compartir su día a día, conociendo de cerca sus costumbres, sus carencias y sus sueños. Soy Dámaris, estudiante de Sociología y voluntariaSigue leyendo «Aprender a caminar (otra vez)»

Getting professional and personal growth

The organization offers an amazing context to achieve efficient work, but also personal growth. The job itself allows us to further open our minds by seeing, discovering, learning so many new things.

Expanding Knowledge and Making Societal Impact with Nexos Comunitarios

If I could recommend anything to a university student looking to expand their cultural knowledge and make a significant societal impact, it would be working with Nexos Communitarios.

ASB is the perfect chance to get a life-changing experience

When I went to Peru, I thought that I would be making a big difference in the world. I do believe that I made a difference while I was there, however, what I wasn’t prepared for was that the people in Peru made an even bigger impact on my own life.