[Ambassador] What is good?

Alice Ebeyer, McGill University Being a student, I have to go through a series of hopes, uncertainties and disappointments regarding the future of our planet (and mine). I am halfway through my international development studies as an undergraduate, and if I have solved some of the questions that the academy has posed to me, I confessSigue leyendo «[Ambassador] What is good?»

[Thinking aloud] The power of sports

94th minutes of the game, when the final whistle has been blown, whole country burst full of joys and tears. The 2-0 victory against the New Zealand has allowed Peru to secure the last ticket for the World Cup in Russia, making it for first time since 1982. Although ranked as 10th in the FIFASigue leyendo «[Thinking aloud] The power of sports»

[Thinking Aloud] Changing habits

  “Did you read the book I gave you?” “Nah, reading is not my thing.” “Good, stay naive.” “…” Just a few days ago, our donor for the Sustainable Home Project, Jim Norgate (Dreams to Beams), visited Urubamba. While at dinner one night, we had a conversation of how keeping one’s own finances can beSigue leyendo «[Thinking Aloud] Changing habits»