The 2030+ Agenda: Peru’s Opportunity to (Truly) Achieve Zero Hunger

Carly Hayes, University of Waterloo (Nexos Comunitarios intern) 2030 seems to be the year that everyone can’t stop talking about. The year, far enough in the future, when we can eliminate poverty, achieve zero hunger, and reduce inequality, among a number of other important, lofty goals. The 2030+ Agenda, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals,Sigue leyendo «The 2030+ Agenda: Peru’s Opportunity to (Truly) Achieve Zero Hunger»

A meeting to remember

Daniel Baptiste (Nexos Comunitarios) As a student of International Development I have always taken what I now view to be a somewhat naïve view of grassroots development initiatives. I was under the impression that NGOs worked with their host communities in relative harmony. I thought that while finance could be a perennial difficulty for NGOs, the workSigue leyendo «A meeting to remember»

Poverty and its Dimensions

Sierra Matis, Carleton University (NC intern) With the expiration of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) in 2015, the United Nations (UN) has introduced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), which seek to enable people around the world to improve their lives and living conditions.[1] It is through these goals that the United Nations Working Assembly see’sSigue leyendo «Poverty and its Dimensions»

For the children, with the children and by the children

By Alice Ebeyer (NC Intern –  McGill University) Time flies in the High Andes… It has already been four weeks since I have arrived in the Sacred Valley, meaning that I have also had the occasion to visit Cuncani three times. So far, it has been a wonderful experience, where I could spend unique and intenseSigue leyendo «For the children, with the children and by the children»

The ‘unattractive’ problem of malnutrition

Maricarmen Valdivieso (NC Founder) Malnutrition is an unattractive subject for everybody and more than that, its impact on everyone’s life determines everyone’s future. While we all know how important it is to be nourished, sometimes, due to the list of many important issues we need to take care of, we place the support to initiativesSigue leyendo «The ‘unattractive’ problem of malnutrition»

Isolation in Cuncani

By Daniel Baptiste (Nexos Comunitarios) What is isolation, and why does it so often have a negative connotation? Why in development circles is isolation so often synonymous with impoverishment. It is a question that I have found myself pondering in the past few days. This past Tuesday, myself, our director Maricarmen, and 7 interns fromSigue leyendo «Isolation in Cuncani»