Getting professional and personal growth

The organization offers an amazing context to achieve efficient work, but also personal growth. The job itself allows us to further open our minds by seeing, discovering, learning so many new things.

Expanding Knowledge and Making Societal Impact with Nexos Comunitarios

If I could recommend anything to a university student looking to expand their cultural knowledge and make a significant societal impact, it would be working with Nexos Communitarios.

ASB is the perfect chance to get a life-changing experience

When I went to Peru, I thought that I would be making a big difference in the world. I do believe that I made a difference while I was there, however, what I wasn’t prepared for was that the people in Peru made an even bigger impact on my own life.

The ‘unattractive’ problem of malnutrition

Maricarmen Valdivieso (NC Founder) Malnutrition is an unattractive subject for everybody and more than that, its impact on everyone’s life determines everyone’s future. While we all know how important it is to be nourished, sometimes, due to the list of many important issues we need to take care of, we place the support to initiativesSigue leyendo «The ‘unattractive’ problem of malnutrition»

Cuncani: The house of smiles

Very few times in my life have I had the opportunity to have experiences that have made a lasting emotional impact on me. Sometimes they happen without any expectation at all. Cuncani turned out to be a very unexpected and wonderful combination of emotions. I don’t know if it’s too easy to describe what povertySigue leyendo «Cuncani: The house of smiles»

BIG News (Lunch Program in Cuncani 2015)

When we began this program, we found that of the total number of participants (68), 9% suffered from severe anemia, 60% from moderate anemia, and 31% were healthy.
We have conducted 3 health checks annually. During the first year, our results depended on the season, as it was harder to provide a better nutrition to the children during cold months.