Enlace: social cohesion through dialogic spaces

By Gabriela Silva Calle (Enlace’s Co-Founder) My name is Gabriela Silva and I am a volunteer with a heart of a teacher and writer. I remember fondly the day when my volunteer path started. It was in Piura, Peru eight years ago. Since that day I have not stopped thinking about how we as aSigue leyendo «Enlace: social cohesion through dialogic spaces»

Global Solidarity and Intercultural Engagement Narratives

By Marie-Eve Monette (NC Academic Program Coordinator) On September 24th, I was invited by Nexos Comunitarios to give the first talk of its Strong Ideas for a Fair World series. The title of my talk was “Global Solidarity and Intercultural Engagement Narratives,” and since I define engagement as starting with an encounter, I want to start thisSigue leyendo «Global Solidarity and Intercultural Engagement Narratives»

The eNCounter Program: Considering Your Future Every Step of the Way

By Justin Wood. Entry level. They can be frustrating words for millennials these days. When I finished university – part of the class of 2013 – I stepped into a job market that was full of opportunity, but not the kind I was expecting. More applications than I care to remember listed prior experience, sometimesSigue leyendo «The eNCounter Program: Considering Your Future Every Step of the Way»